Crisci's: A Brooklyn Tradition Since 1902
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Reviews of Crisci's Restaurant

Eric Asimov
New York Times
August 7, 1992
"Crisci's is the kind of old-fashioned Italian restaurant where 'don't spare the garlic' excess is everything and that modern operations like Carmine's try so hard to recreate."
Molly O'Neill
December 24, 1987
"THE BLUE-RIMMED, red-lettered neon sign for Crisci's Restaurant has been...a beacon of the family-run, red sauce and meatball restaurants that once warmed the street corners of New York."

"...Crisci's huge plates of lasagne, ravioli and spaghetti with meatballs smothered in red sauce are some of the best around...the fiery seafood fra'diavolo and the fresh merluzzo (tiny whiting) sauteed with lemon and wine — can't be found prepared better at twice the price."

Bryan Miller
New York Times
November 14, 1986
"Not much has changed since opening day in this expansive, garlic-scented dining room patronized by a regular crowd of serious eaters. The food is old-fashioned and copious, with marinara red being the predominant color."
Bryan Miller
New York Times
December 13, 1985
"IF you fear that Italian food in New York is becoming a bit precious, what with all those cute Frisbee-sized pizzas, pastel raviolis and vegetables in every color of the spectrum except green, then you might want to venture to the Williamsburg-Greenpoint section of Brooklyn to visit Crisci's - 'A Tradition Since 1902.'"
Zagat Survey "Four stars reasonable pricing"

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